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FrankCB@aol.com FrankCB@aol.com
Sun, 2 May 2004 14:08:34 EDT

    Usually the factory spec for this is 80W-90, so switching to a 75W-90 
synthetic should produce an immediate improvement in cold weather shifting.  When 
I first drove my 1965 180 in the winter I could hardly get into 2nd gear 
until the gearbox warmed up so for the first few miles I had to go 1st to 3rd 
gears.  Once I switched the original lube to Amsoil 75W-90 the problem disappeared 
and I could get into 2nd gear on the first upshift of the cold morning on the 
way to work.  In addition, of course, the synthetic lubes have a much better 
capability for high temperatures so they are good for racing or other high 
performance applications.  If you have a limited slip differential, just be sure 
to check that the synthetic you use is suitable for positraction.  If not, you 
may have to put in an additive with the synthetic.
    Using vacuum, you can suck out the old oil and using a few psi pressure 
you can install the new lube.  Just do it in the warmer months of the year!
    Frank Burkhard 
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Is there any reason to stay away from synthetics?  What is the best oil
for the 66 Saginaw?