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Jason Thomas jasonthomasmagic@yahoo.com
Mon, 3 May 2004 10:49:31 -0700 (PDT)

I'm Jason T. Magic and live in Lincolnton, NC.   I own a 1960 Monza Coupe  that my uncle, GM  R&D  Engineer, left me after his demise. The car is not "original", nor is it restored, just a nice car that has never been driven in winter.  It has 87,000  miles now on the 196 cubic inch engine. This was done just by installing oversized cylinders from a company that is no longer in business, according to what I remember my  uncle telling me. The only other modification is dual exhaust and an electric choke actuator to replace the original "heat stove". It appears original, otherwise. It is real peppy! Needless to say I'm anxious to dragrace and autocross this car as Corvairs were designed for that, while being disguised as any economy car to compete with Falcons and Valiants, to fool the GM  management, as once again, I was told by my Uncle Zad.
I want to join a local chapter of Corsa, but the nearest one listed, is in Raleigh.   The only other Corvair in this town is owned by a large man with lots of junk cars in his backyard. I recently saw him painting a 1965 or 1966 car with spraycans and then soon after being hauled off on a tow truck to a junkyard or sold, I presume. I'm sure he's not a member of Corsa or a club as it was the only one of all the junkers and he appears to be too large to fit in a Corvair car. He appears to be a "swapmeet seller" type of person, from the appearance.
But right now, I would like to know if anyone lives nearby. Otherwise I will attempt to be in Lexington for your Convention.  I'm the typical ex-military type...know a little about everything and talk like I know it all, so I keep getting these government jobs. I just returned from Iraq, where I was contracted to restore Pharmacys, and bring them up to U.S. standards.  I may next, get a contract to restore Auto parts stores in Iraq, which would keep me from attending the Convention.
sincerely, Jason T.
God bless this country and all those working overseas for our well being.

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