<VV> Oil Temp- no Asparagus

Donald Manen donmanen@yahoo.com
Tue, 4 May 2004 05:39:42 -0700 (PDT)

In an effort to reduce the operating temp on my
engines (considering mid-summer Texas heat)- I have
been experimenting with remote oil coolers-- on the
unit I have now, the engine remains at 180 degrees at
all times (so far, still early in the year)     -- now
I'm hearing I may have the engine "too cool" - "not
burning off moisture in the oil", etc-----I've always
blamed short oil life on higher Corvair temps-----Is
there an "Ideal" operating temp for a Corvair
engine???  Keep in mind that my goal is reliability on
the road- not racing.  I have tried finned pans, deep
pans, finned valve covers, etc; with little or no
effect ---so far-      I believe (gospel according to
Don, Chapter 1) the best combo is an oil pan with two
additional quarts, detailed deflashing of the heads
and block, and a bigger/better oil cooler.  This is
assuming that you built a quality engine as a starting

DM-at the Gopher Ranch

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