<VV> Congratulations

scott morehead smorehead@lycos.com
Tue, 04 May 2004 18:29:39 -0400


I would like to thank those individuals who took the time out to run for the Board of Directors in their perspective regions and for their loyal support to CORSA and the CPF.  Eastern Division:  Mr. Hank Kaczmarek, Mr. Bill Hubbell, Mr. Mike Clark; Central Division: Mr. Rich Thompson, Mr. Tim Mahler, Mr. Ken Hand, Mr. Mike Dobie; Western Division: Mr. Larry Forman. We had an excellent selection of candidates on the ballot to cast our support.  I congratulate you all on your experience, background and willingness to volunteer your time and efforts to continue the "Corvairs Legacy".  

I would also like to congratulate the newest members of the Board and extend a warm welcome to the Board of Directors. 

Scott Morehead
CORSA Vice President

PS:  Does anyone have any old Sorensen catalogs I could borrow/rent, from around 1930 to present.  I'll pay shipping both ways.  I'll only need it a week to cross reference a slew of parts and will return promptly.  Thanks

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