<VV> Re: Low rpm Knock

vairologist@juno.com vairologist@juno.com
Wed, 5 May 2004 19:00:30 -0400

> bgoldin@esri.com writes:
> > I'm wondering if it could be a cam or crank journal, the cam gear 
> or something in that area.  I've already swapped out the torque 
> converter, tranny and diff for another one that is known to work.
  Any help would be appreciated. Running out of ideas,
> > Brian 
Smitty says:  Bob is right you know.  Crank is broken crossways of the
web between #1 & #2.  Grab the engine pulley and wiggle it without the
fanbelt on.  You may even be able to turn it a few thousandths back and
forth and feel it clunk.