<VV> Re: 4 spd syn oil 2-3rd gear

wm71@earthlink.net wm71@earthlink.net
Wed, 5 May 2004 22:29:07 -0400

I had a problem on a 85 Nissan pickup that sounds very similiar. I drained
the trans and replaced the fluid. I also added slick 50 for the trans. My
synchros crunched after that. My conclusion was that the teflon lubed the
synchro too much and it couldn't match the speeds as well as when straight
fluid was used. I almost took the blocker rings out to knurl them to get a
little more "bite". But in the end I felt that was to much devotion to a
rice burning appliance (truck). I would for a car (corvair). A so-so vehicle
is just an appliance. A hobby vehicle is a nice car ( i.e. corvair )
         my two cents worth.           Walter