<VV> Weird Problem #?

FrankCB@aol.com FrankCB@aol.com
Sun, 9 May 2004 11:14:34 EDT

       I had this same problem many years ago (~1962) on a trip from Calif. 
back to NY.  The old Plymouth started easily every morning, but after we 
stopped for lunch, it could barely turn over.  So we left the engine running, 
otherwise we had to get a push (those days you could push start Torqueflite 
automatic trans cars).  After arriving home, I solved the problem by replacing the 
starter with a used one from a junkyard.  Apparently the old one had developed an 
internal fault that only showed up when it was hot.
       But first follow all the suggestions already given for checking out 
voltage drops using a voltmeter.
       Good luck!
       Frank Burkhard

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> A friend has 1961 coupe that starts with just a click of key, runs great, 
> plenty of power, very smooth at idle, but after driving, stopping car then 
> trying 
> to restart. will not start, motor turns like the battery is weak. timing is 
> right, battery good, help any ideas.
> Corvair driver
> Garland