Terry Kalp tkalp@cox.net
Sun, 9 May 2004 21:51:52 -0500

Although Steve (MAUM's owner) is on the list, I will give a report on the
Mid-American Ultra Monza.  Last week the doctors gave Steve the clearance to
drive. So on Saturday Steve drove the Monza for supper with Ned Madsen and I
. . . then on to the MCCA meeting.  Now that he can drive the MAUM, Steve is
in the process of getting estimates for body and paint work. Steve was going
to attempt the bodywork himself, but he will not have the strength and
endurance necessary for a while.  With the weather getting warmer, the next
hands-on project will be to fix the bad clutch on the AC compressor.

Terry Kalp

> Geoff was busy working on a friends PG....probably Sally was just
> around town..testing the 140..LOL!
> How'd the Eastern groups do?  and that "johnny come lately"
> waiting for a webpage on that one! gg
> Matt