<VV> Trailering my 66 Corsa via Uhaul

Eric S. Eberhard flash@vicspdi.com
Mon, 10 May 2004 10:49:20 -0700

The weight should be centered over the wheels.  Which means the back seats 
should be over the wheels.  If there is some doubt, farther forward is 
better than farther rearward.  If it is a convertible then backwards is a 

At 08:24 PM 5/7/04, Pitts10ch@aol.com wrote:
>Hi guys,
>How's it going?  Just a quick trailering question for you.  When using a
>UHAUL car hauler is it best to put the car on forward or backward?  It would
>appear that putting the rear-end on facing forward IE (the car traveling 
>down the
>road backwards on the trailer) would be the best according to UHAUL.  I have
>trailered it before on a trailer that had wheels located more towards the 
>and I put the car on forwards in that case.  I need your thoughts guys.
>Chris Hand
>66 Corsa
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