<VV> Two Sunday night topics

Steven J. Serenska corvair@serenska.com
Mon, 10 May 2004 14:29:12 -0400

Seth, Alan, VVers:

>The magazine is called "Retroviseur" 
>It is the February 2004 issue (Fevrier 2004, in French). It may or may 
>not be available anywhere here (USA). Perhaps our French Corsa friends could 
>obtain a few copies for us. 
I located the magazine's website.  The main web page is at:


The back issues page ("ANCIENS NUMIROS") can be found at:


Unfortunately, the list of back issues is more or less 
incomprehensible...even when you look up the topics on the list.  (My 
father would have had some choice comments concerning French engineering 
and their general outlook on life....but I digress....) 

I think if Alan could look at the copy he has and let us know the Volume 
No./Issue No. of the February, 2004 edition, we might be able to order 
copies online.


Steven "pas une grenouille" Serenska