<VV> 24 Volt Question

RoboMan91324@aol.com RoboMan91324@aol.com
Mon, 10 May 2004 19:35:28 EDT

Hello UMW,

Are you sure that you had 24 volts?  If you hooked + to + and - to - on the 
terminals like you would when jumping a car battery, you had 12 volts (actually 
closer to 13) but double the amps.  This assumes that both batteries had the 
same amperage.  This would be hooked up as follows.

               (            )

Both the parenthesis "( )" and the "~" represent the cables.

If you hooked them in series with + of battery one to the system negative of 
battery one to positive of battery two and negative to system ground, you had 
24 volts and should have turned faster if there were sufficient amps and a 
normal starter.  This would be hooked up as follows.

system~+battery -~+battery-~ground

The "~" represents the cables.

I hope the system doesn't change the oddball items in the text as it 
sometimes does.

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> Question....why did my starters [ tried 2]  not spin faster with 24 volts 
> than with 12??
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