<VV> Re: Slow Starter

Diane Galli rdgalli@tcsn.net
Mon, 10 May 2004 19:22:19 -0700

> Subject: <VV> Re: weired problem #?/Starter Slow
> Kevin wrote:
> << I have seen some guys switch to a ford starter wit a remote
> mount
> solenoid > >  *************
> I have done this to all my Corvair drivers
 ------. If you want starter reliability, do it. Echlin P/N ST 82.
>        Bob
Smitty says:  Bob I'm going to file that comment right alongside the
toilet paper in the bathroom with the one that says all Corvairs throw
fan belts. I,ve had three or four starting problems in 35 years that were
actually starter faults.  The rest were proven by voltage drop tests to
be elsewhere.  I might comment also that the replacement starters were
all ULTRA parts.
    Hey, Smitty, take it for what it is worth. It cures my hot cranking
problems in every case, from our old '71 Pontiac, to our '70 GMC pickup, to
all the corvairs. Done deal.
     What do you mean, "all ULTRA parts"?

#504 ULTRAvan