<VV> Need Engine rebuilding advice for a '65 Corsa

Macdonald David dmacd_us@yahoo.com
Tue, 11 May 2004 11:17:50 -0700 (PDT)

I have a 1965 Corsa 4 speed, 4 carb Corvair, built and
sold in Canada, currently in in Acton, MA.

This car has not been driven since 1972 when it was
taken off the road and the engine torn down to be
rebuilt. New parts were purchased brand new and are
still in GM boxes included new piston and sleeve
assemblies and a new camshaft. The car had about
100,000 miles when it was taken off the road.

The car was purchased one year old, in 1966 by my
Uncle who drove it till 1972 when he did the tear
down. After the engine was rebuilt the car was
intended for my cousin who was unfortunately killed in
a car accident. The car sat for decades till my uncle
called me and told me to come get it if I want. He
knew the car was a favorite of mine.

I have found Clark's corvair and ordered a a parts
manual, factory service manual and an assembly manual
and have joined Corsa.

I need some advice on rebuilding the engine. I'm
comfortable that the documents I have will let me
reassemble the engine. If I can find all the bolts as
I'm sure some are missing after 30 years of storage.
What's the best resource for me to use as I reassemble
the engine?

I like some advice on the heads. Since the whole thing
is apart, it makes sense to me that I should have the
heads rebuilt. Perhaps new valves and guides. Is there
a decent machine shop in the New England area that 
knows Corvair heads?

All advice and pointers welcome.


David Macdonald

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