<VV> Oil Pump

Ewell Mills emills5@cfl.rr.com
Tue, 11 May 2004 14:47:17 -0400

Can someone enlighten me on the proper way to set up the proper clearances on
the oil pump.  I have a whole lot of different gaskets of different thickness,
but all are not marked.  Ex. I have two different gaskets marked C385 and
C386.  I don't have any idea what thickness these are. (I feel these numbers
are obsolete Clark's numbers). I also have some C1009B (.010) C1009C (.003)
and an empty bag C1009A (???). I must have about a dozen others, of various
thickness, but do not know how to identify them. Would someone explain to me
the proper clearances of the gears to the plate, and how to go about setting
it properly.  I have plastigage, but am not sure of how to use it in this
case. Thanks.

Cecil Mills
Cocoa, Fl.

Rebuilding a 65 110 engine.