<VV> Her car is out of the garage

alan WESSON sidevalve@sidevalve.fsnet.co.uk
Tue, 11 May 2004 21:48:28 +0100

> Anybody have tips for sanding out runs.   I was going to make small
> sanding blocks (about 1 inch wide).

If you make those you will get 1 inch wide ridges round where the runs used
to be, with a small lump in the middle representing the former run, kind of
like this:


Better to use a big block and spread the sanding over as wide as possible a
surface - and don't forget to start with a COARSE (3-400ish) grade before
moving up - if you start with fine grade and restricted area it just
faithfully follows the contours of the run, and you end up with the same
overall profile but a bit lower.

And wait a couple of weeks before you do it - it's always dead tempting to
do it straight away, because the presence of the run is irritating - but you
would be amazed at how long runs take to harden right through, and how easy
it is to snag the sticky paint underneath by trying to flat it off too soon
(been there, done that!).

Hope that helps. Don't forget - coarse first, not fine...