<VV> New clutch giving me fits!

dgeier dgeier@myclearwave.net
Tue, 4 May 2004 16:43:21 -0500

This is my first posting to vv. I can not get my 64,4sp with a 65, 140
hp, clutch adjusted properly.  This car has been a complete ground-up
rebuild; new clutch, throw out bearing, Dale fly-wheel, (major vendor
super kit) new cable and pulleys .If it was worn

I replaced it.  My theory is I want to do it right the first time and
have a reliable car for years to come. My problem is that no matter how
I adjust the clutch following the manual, it is never fully disengaged.
I have to shut the engine off and shift into gear.

Once rolling shifting is possible but not as easy as it should be.  I
replaced the shifter bushings and pins along with a quick shift kit. The
trans shifts easily with the clutch in and engine off. This has been a 4
year project to get to this point.  Thinking that rust

may have developed on the flywheel or pressure plate, I jacked up the
rear of the car and put it in 1st gear pushed in the clutch and applied
the brakes to remove any rust.  I called the vendor who was very
friendly and helpful, saying that "the clutch material is thicker than
the stock and that it just needs to be worn down some."  My question is
has anyone else had this problem and should I prepare myself for
dropping the engine?  

Sorry about the length, thanks for you input!

Dave Geier