<VV> flying in to the convention

UltraMonzaWest@aol.com UltraMonzaWest@aol.com
Tue, 11 May 2004 23:33:50 EDT

SWA  from 
Reno to Nashville  $358  RT??

I'm still waiting....

1  still 1 man short at work....[ easy to work around ]

2  new guys wife is expecting around the 10-20th [ a little harder]

3  guy at northern most site may go to Iraq  next week....[ I can "talk" my 
boss into it ]

4  Elderly friend [79]  in Coos Bay, Ore [home] brain 
tumor.....halucinating.....got a call from the local police the other day....400 miles away to 
boot...no treatment for another 3 weeks...[ out of my control / may even retire to 
keep him out of convelescant home ]

5  Old girlfriend just called last night....will have a houseboat on Shasta 
that week....NOW I CAN'T SLEEP!

Matt   perplexed in Klamath Falls for the night.....in the Ultra Motel!  $32  
 king  nice [ near college / OIT]  with CABLE MODEM!!  [ A-1 Budget on Hwy 97