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mark@noakes.com mark@noakes.com
Wed, 12 May 2004 06:19:28 -0700 (PDT)

Since pulling my 66 out of storage, I've been somewhat surprised by how much attention
it gets when out and about...especially thumbs up from young kids in modified "rice
grinder" type cars.  As expected, I do get a lot of confused "what is it" looks and an
occasional knowing look and question from an old timer as to year and what powertrain
and how well it still runs.  I do need to get a higher performance engine back in it
though and it seems these days that AC is a must for me.

I drove this car and our 61 Lakewood as daily drivers thru the 80s and then restored the
66 and put it in storage.  At that time in Knoxville, TN there were still quite a few
Corvairs around.  I haven't seen any on the road in quite a while here and only know of
one that runs SCCA Solo2 in CP in this area.  I don't remember his name and haven't
talked to him in quite a while as my BSP corvette crunched the differential at an event
and I haven't had the time to fix it yet.

Mark Noakes

On Tue, 11 May 2004 22:47:49 EDT, Levair@aol.com wrote:

> All.
>   I believe in giving credit where credit is due.
> People keep asking me why I lost interest in Fieros and am doing so much with 
> Corvairs.
>   I really haven't lost interst in Fieros. They are fine, modern cars. When I 
> drive my much more modern and flashy Fiero, I am virtually invisible.
>   I never take out the red 63 Spyder or Sharon's purple A/C Monza with 
> getting many thumbs  up or "hey, great car" from ALL ages of people. The young 
> people surprise me the most by their interest. My early roadster was very popular 
> at the Hershey vintage hill climb as was Mark's Stinger.
>    But, the main reason for being into Corvairs rather than Fieros is the 
> difference in the clubs----the people----the activities
>   No other club has the great variety of activities. The yearly conventions 
> with all of the displays and moving events easily eclipse what any other 
> affordable club does. .
>    I think that we ought to applaud NECC for the extra moving events related 
> to Corvairs. Through NECC we have EXTRA  varieties of moving car activities at 
> famous venues. We have time trials at Lime Rock, Pocono regularly and new 
> track venues each year. This year we even have a drag race before the convention. 
>    We take these things and NECC for granted . We haven't always had this 
> much activity and doubtless won't always continue to have it. Nothing lasts 
> forever. I say support these activities while they still exist and to ensure to 
> continue their existence. They , NECC have tens of thousands invested in the 
> track rental and have to hold their breath and wait until the last days before the 
> event to see if if they are going to go broke before Corvair entries who are 
> only risking approx.. $150 to tardily enter the events. It's not just the 
> money either; much time and effort is involved in arrangng and managing the 
> events. 
>    Get those cars ready and enter while there are still events to enter and 
> you/me are still young enough to do it. . YOU DO NOT have to race. You can tour 
> the tracks at any speed that you wish and will have lots of slow company 
> doing so. Just enter the slower group. There are throphies for absolutely 
> stock/concours condition cars also. Any one can do the drag race---even FCs and Ultra 
> vans.
>   Lets show our support, We're making our own history.
> Warren
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