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Keith Hammett khammett@stainlessfab.com
Fri, 14 May 2004 08:57:22 -0500

And since this is Smitty there is sure to be an early model (they would all
have to be for the rust) that could "roll over".  Hope Spike doesn't read
this with bone and roll over in it, wouldn't want Smitty upside down.   GGG

Keith Hammett

PS  I have a LM body you could trailer in the parade...

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Add one more option ...

Agree to the parade.  Show up with your best junkers, worst things you can
find running, RAG tops (literally), rust thru showing, parts hanging off, no
deck lids, no trunk lid, diff color body parts, missing mufflers, you get
the idea.

And the best part, let it stall, and somehow spew smoke and oil in front of
the judges.  Imagine the look on the face of the beauty queen.

Sounds like a scene from Animal House.

Sorry, just my wicked sense of humor showing thru this morning.

Barry Ellison
Corsa SC VP
65 Corsa 140 Coupe, 4sp, posi, Phantom Gray, no longer smoking <VBG>
61 Lakewood PG, Current project, drive train is out!