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Consider Larry Claypool - The Vair Shop - Frankfort IL, probably a 4 1/2 hr
drive from St. Louis.  Also, he may very well have blocks on hand.  I know
that he used to.  Now, being that summer is just around the corner, he is
probably coming into the busy season and you might have to wait a while.
But, Larry has been doing Corvairs virtually since they were invented and is
well known to all in the Corvair community.

(815) 469-2936

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Later, JR
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> I found the fender patch panels I was looking for. Thanks JR and others.
> Guys, I have a problem and I'm looking for your help...
> I'm still in the process of restoring my 66 Monza vert and I've come
across a strange situation. I bought this car about a year ago and have been
working pretty much solely on body work. I sent the engine recently to a
very good, very reputable Corvair mechanic who told me that the PO of the
car, block, and some of the parts had the block "line bored" and that
bearings didnt fit in one half of the
> block. Has anyone out there ever dealt with line boring Corvair blocks?
> Anyway, my dilemna...
> Given the current state of this block and its inability to be used, and
another 66 block that I had with a spun main bearing, I need a good LM
block. Anyone care to part with one? If so, please let me know.
> Now that I'm pretty much starting over with this engine, I'm wondering if
it may be an opportunity to revisit what I want this car to do. I am
interested in the car being relatively reliable, dont care much about
creature comforts, but am more interested in performance (read: I want it to
go fast!). I am certainly not against looking at any different setups than
"normal,"  as long as I can still utilize the artwork posing as a set of 140
heads that Larry S. built for me. This is a 4 speed car and could will soon
end up as one that I use, occaisionally, for DE track days, some autocross,
etc. Any suggestions?
> I have not yet started on the suspension and brakes, so I'll be asking
questions about that too, if y'all dont mind.
> Since I will be farming this engine out again as the mechanic I was using
does not want to continue the project, do any of you have any suggestions as
to who would be a good one to take on this project? Location isnt really
important. I can ship or shlep things pretty much anywhere. I really just
want it done right and to be able to learn something in the process.
> I am near St. Louis and would like to find a good LM block within 200
miles or so if possible.
> Thanks for your time.
> Cheers!
> Mark Chapman
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