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Sadek Charles H DLVA SadekCH@NSWC.NAVY.MIL
Fri, 14 May 2004 15:01:27 -0400

If I want to go fast as in FAST, I take my GT3 car to the track which pulls
7500 rpm with 23" tall tires and a 3.55 (towards the end of the front
straight at VIR).  For this month's Gold Cup Historics at VIR I will be on
treaded tires which have a measured circumference of 78" or about 24.8"
"tall".  Do the math for 7000 rpm. Do the math for 7500 (don't know if I can
get to 7500 by the end of the straight with these tires).

That same "Fast" Corvair finished 10th of 22 cars on slicks including
Porsche, Big block Corvettes, with a faster time than an XKE on slicks and
likewise a Cobra-and I can't drive it nearly as well as others could. 
Is that fast enough?

Chuck S

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If you want to go FAST, get a Japanese car, Mazda RX, Toyota Supra or
something like that.  Your "fast" Corvair will be left in the exhaust of
these cars.  IMHO