<VV> Last Day of Corvair

Rick & Janet Norris rickjanet@charter.net
Fri, 14 May 2004 19:49:28 -0400

To mark this occasion on this anniversary of the end of production for our
sacred marque I have been tooling around "drivin slow-n-low", "stylin an
profilin" as it were in my 69 rag top. Lots of thumbs up, nice car etc. from
the general public. I even had one guy ask me if he could take some pictures
of the car. That's a first! It has been a beautiful warm day here in the
Greater Kanawha Valley. I took the Little Red Head out for dinner this evening
and then we just drove around enjoying the car. Life is good!

Tomorrow I will finish putting the 66 V8 Vair back together as we now have a
set of aluminum heads on the 350.
It will be ready for Lexington.

Rick Norris
First President CORSA 1971
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