<VV> Gas Leak on FC

J R Read_HML hmlinc@sbcglobal.net
Sun, 16 May 2004 21:55:13 -0500

I sent the original message about the gas hose before I actually LOOKED
under the truck.  Silly me.

I'm used to LM cars and did not know that the sending unit is on the top in
a truck.  Well, now I know.  So, the first question is, do you have to drop
the tank to get to the fuel line attachment at the sending unit?

Anyway, now I'm not so sure that this connection is where the leak is.
Could it leak from the sending unit connection when parked (not running)?
It seems to me that it could only leak from there while the fuel pump was in
operation.  Is this correct thinking?

The bottom 1/2 if the tank is wet.  The leak has now stopped - I'm sure that
it will start up again as soon as I add gas.  The tank is about 1/2 full,
maybe a little less just now.

I've not worked on EMs - nor truck tanks before.  Tomorrow, I'll clean and
dry everything that I can reach from underneath and add a gallon or so to
see if I can tell where the leak is.  Maybe I just need a patch for the
moment.  I DO have a spare ULTRA tank on the shelf (that's how I found out
where the sending unit is - took it down from it's high perch on an upper
shelf).  I think that I will be sending it off for cleaning and sealing
really soon.  This is a '61 - no hole in the middle.

Any tips will be appreciated.  Thanks to those who responded that 5/16 is
the correct size fuel hose, but it looks as if the 14" piece I have on hand
will not be long enough since the hose comes from the top side and goes the
full length of the tank to where it connects to the steel line.

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Later, JR
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