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Shaun shaun_mcgarvey@shaw.ca
Mon, 17 May 2004 06:01:51 -0700

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> > shaun_mcgarvey@shaw.ca writes:
> > I think the point is not slowing down differently, but not slowing
> > down "at all" by making small throttle adjustments far in advance of
> lights
> > or slowing traffic in order to flow right along when the traffic picks
> > upagain. I agree with this 100%.
> ----------------------------------
> Smitty says:  Just love to blast past Shaun and Tim as they are adjusting
> their speed and try to make the next light while it is still green.  If I
> don't make it I plug the hole in the lane they are driving in so they
> can't breeze on through past me when it changes.    Chief Curmudgeon BBRT
> _______________________________________________
And then when I pull up beside you I activate the starter to my second
engine, a Toronado 455 in the front with open headers, and the scene changes
a bit!<G>(In my dreams)
yea, Vairily ... Shaun

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