<VV> Shifter problem

chickwich@comcast.net chickwich@comcast.net
Wed, 19 May 2004 19:21:57 +0000

Hey all,

       I have a early 63 3 speed Corvan  (long convoluted shifter).  The problem is when I am working on it and starting it from the rear, it falls into 1st gear.  After chasing it down the road once or twice, I now work on it with the rear wheels in the air.  What is causing it to fall into gear?  
       Also it is very difficult shifting into second gear.  Is this a problem with the transmission or in the shifter/bushings.  What parts do I need to order.
       If this is a problem inside the transmission, I do have a 4 speed tranny from a van.  How much work is involved in the swap from an early van 3 sp to and early van 4 sp?  anyone who has "been there done that" feel free to pipe up and give your opinion. 

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  

Andy Hammond
63 Mystery Machine hopefully on the road soon.