<VV> CORSA Dash for sale

Hank Kaczmarek kaczmarek@charter.net
Wed, 19 May 2004 23:09:19 -0400


I was contacted recently by a long time member of the Riviera List, Chris
Wolfe.  Chris told me he had a couple of CORSA "Gauge" sets for sale.  We
agreed on a price for the set and he sent it to me.

Shows how a picture can tell a much better story than words.  I ended up with
a whole Corsa dash, complete with the gauges, in better condition than the one
I bought from another V V person about a year ago.

Because I thought I would get gauges only, I am sending Chris an amount equal
to what I paid for my last Corsa Dash, and giving the one I had to my friend
Eric for partial consideration on the work he has been doing on the EUM.

Chris has another of these for sale, his address is in the Denver CO area, and
if it is as nice as the one he sent to me, it is well worth the going E bay
price----the last 3 I saw sell on Ebay went for an average price of 130.00
---Chris will probably negotiate a little depending on how bad you might want
a nice Corsa dash for your LM project, or just to stash away.

Chris's e-mail is on the CC line of this post....Interested??? V V gets the
first shot.

BTW, Chris is a long time friend of Denver local Vair wrench Steve Goodman.
Small world, eh???

Talk nice to the guy and you might end up with a "fair" and perhaps a great
deal on a nice piece.

Thanks for the bandwidth