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Thu, 20 May 2004 00:17:35 -0400

> From: "Louis C. Armer, Jr." <carmerjr@mindspring.com>
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> Subject: <VV> RE: Cranky Smitty (humor?)
> Maybe Smitty is looking to make a move to a real
> Man's racing team !!! <GGG> 
Smitty Says:  Never happen oh confused one.   I would never desert the
great and proud ranks of the BBRT for a second rate team.  (unless the
second rate team was buying the beer).
        You seem to have misread my statement on the breaking
crankshafts.  You see Warren and Chuck build world class winner engines
and to do that they have to survive stresses far beyond those encountered
in half hearted race engines like those of WTBRT.  Crank shafts fail from
torsional cyclic stress, not rpms.  But other parts of the engine have
material failure from high rpms due to no fault of the engine builders. 
Therefore they never live long enough to reach the high mileage required
for failure from torsional vibration.  Just long enough to win races. 
Let's see how long ole 112 lives at 10,000 rpm like 89 does.