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>     Unless you are going to put it in concours where you will have to
> meet the standard of the "experts" with the spectromatic eyeballs for
> what is absolutely stock, just paint it with something that looks right
> to you.

  This I consider a rather lack lustre ( pun intended) answer to someone 
trying to duplicate stock form engine shrouding paint.  I have seen enough GM 
engine bays that have mirror finish sheet metal or on the other extreme look like 
they were painted with chalk board paint.
  A good starting point for gaging the engine shroud sheen are parts not 
exposed to extreme heat such as the air cleaner housing.  Oh sure, years of 
exposure to oil and prior cleaning can indeed polish the finish to a higher gloss 
than normal...but parts that never got this attention tend to have about a 75% 
gloss factor.  Chassis black just doesn't cut it!  It's way too dull. 
  Judging from the numerous attempts I have made to exact the sheen on black 
shrouding the one to come closest is gloss black powder coating.  Usually this 
returns from the shop slightly dull in lustre...not at all like a highly 
polished body finish.  Of course your source might produce a better quality gloss. 
 Check their samples as they should be able to vary the amount of gloss.
   Baked enamel was what the factory used.  You will find the parts were not 
primered yet simply sprayed with black over bare metal.  The quick baking 
process after application is what caused the paint to dull due to rapid sweating 
of the solvents.  The difference in powder coating is that solvents aren't 
  In closing I would suggest some experimentation...a good quality enamel 
over bare sheet metal then quickly transferred into an oven.  So far my wife 
hasn't felt favourably to me using her oven for such an experiment. ;^)

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