<VV> valve adjustment

chuck chsadek@adelphia.net
Thu, 20 May 2004 20:44:40 -0400

	The bigger one is the intake.  Look, with the valve cover off,
at the heads.  You will see they are the same on each side.  SO,
switching sides, means that on one side, the intake is to the left
towards the rear of the car, and on the other side, the intake is toward
the front of the car.  If you look at the exhaust tube/stack, and up at
the aluminum runner down from the log manifold where the carb(s) sit,
you can see one valve is closer to the exhaust and one is closer to the
intake passage.  On the right side, or passenger side, the intake is
closer to the rear of the car.  On the left or driver side, it is the

Chuck S

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How do I determine which valve is exhaust or intake?  Mine are making a
racket and hopefully all it needs is an adjustment.
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