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Thu, 20 May 2004 23:58:39 EDT

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BEllison@bbafiberweb.com writes:
We just picked up a green Corsa 140 Coupe.  It's just shy of 4 turns lock to
lock.  Is it quick steering?  Is there a way to tell, id tag, markings, etc?

Barry Ellison
Corsa SC VP

Barry - There is no physical indicator on the otside of the original Quick 
boxes. They used the same casting as the standard box. Some clues, however. If 
you look up from the box up the steering column to the firewall and see a 
coupler about 15 inches up from the box, 2.5" diameter with a clamp on the front of 
it, you have a late 65, and it is possible for you to have a quick box. If 
the shaft goes all the way from the box into the firewall with no coupling, you 
have an early 65 and virtually no chance of a quick box. (This observation 
assumes that you do not have a telescoping column.) If you can clean off the 
steering arms on the area from the spindle to the tie-rod attaching point, and 
read the forging numbers on the arms, and one of them ends in 417 or 418 (left 
and right are different) then you have the factory shorter arms, and likely a 
quick box. If the arms are stubby and thick and quite short (in the same area), 
you have a standard box and aftermarket quick arms. It is really the easiest 
way to tell - the cast arms are easy to spot. Finally, if you buy one of the 
Flaming River aftermarket boxes from Corvair Motorsports or Silicone Wire 
Systems, then you definitely have a quick box! <grin> -Seth Emerson