<VV> 1961 Corvair

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Well I sure am glad I found this wesite and mailing list. There is a 1961
Corvair 4-Door, dual carb, pretty much the basic cut down version. The
car has been sitting for a year in the owners driveway and has not been
driven since. The owner has told me over the phone that the car is 98%
restored, though i find that hard to believe since it has been sitting
there for the whole year. There are no dents, the body looks great. He is
asking $4000 for it. How much should i ask for. What problems should i
address and what should i expect from the car sitting there for so long?

A probable future Corvair owner,


Welcome to the group!    A 61 4dr?/  $4k?  no way!   maybe $400......Just ask 
"Alice" [ the "tester" here]  Especially in the condition it's in.  98%  is 
HIS number.  Come to the convention this year and you'll DRIVE away in 
something for a much better price!  IMO

Matt Nall