<VV> Engine Shroud Paint

Harold Eigenman harold@kepnet.net
Fri, 21 May 2004 07:09:02 -0600

I have used this paint. Gr.8.800 Part # 105010 is listed on a gallon can that
I have, I spilled some paint over the end of the number so there may be one
more number on the end of 105010. (?) By checking with a Chev. Parts man on
Gr.8.800 they should come up with it.  This paint will disolve with gas when
it is freshly painted but gets very stable when heated a few times. May be
applied to clean bare metal. Will be nearly flat black. It may be brought to a
very high luster with rubbing with a cloth such as a bath towel. I painted the
inside of my 63 Rampside bed with two heavy coats. I later rubbed it out with
rubbing compound and it looks like 20 coats of black lacquer, a very high
gloss. The beauty of this paint it is very easy to touch up and very easy to

Harold Eigenman

GM has for sale a ready to paint GM black.  It has been available for years
> > and is (in my opinion) just what the general ordered.  No thinner is
> > This even was available in spray cans.  I bought a gallon about 1 year
> > and used some last weekend.  It is fast drying.  I don't know what gas
> > do to it and hope to never find out.  But, this should be correct for the
> > undercarriage and engine shrouds.
> >
> > Duane Wentlandt
> >
> Duane,
> Got a part number?
> Tim Abney