<VV> Turbo Waste gate

JVHRoberts@aol.com JVHRoberts@aol.com
Fri, 21 May 2004 15:59:51 EDT

1. Waste gates work on the exhaust side, NOT the intake side. 
2. You can add one to a Corvair turbo just by plumbing it in. But you'll need 
a smaller A/R housing in order to reap the benefits. 
3. Going to a modern turbo with a waste gate is more convenient, will 
DEFINITELY respond better, and some are even available with carbon compressor seals, 
if you have your heart set on a draw through setup. 
4. Blow through works better, and not only will throttle response improve, 
you can also use a wastegate, as well as ANY integral waste gate turbo out 
there, as long as it's an appropriate size. 

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PVanderl@mwestmp.com writes:
Controlling boost on a more modern vehicle utilizes a waste gate.
Understanding the principles behind it it makes sense, applying it to a
traditional Corvair, carb before turbo setup, I am stumped. How is it done,
or can it be, without dumping air mixed with fuel into the engine
compartment? Or is there better ways of controlling boost pressure?

Pat Vanderlind
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62 Monza 900 cvt 102 PG