<VV> Installing Piston Rings

Rick & Janet Norris rickjanet@charter.net
Fri, 21 May 2004 17:52:09 -0400

All your trying to do here is keep from lining up all the ring gaps the
same. I point the oil ring straight up and the other two at about 45 degrees
on either side of vertical. The will move when the engine runs anyway.

Rick Norris

> I am somewhat confused as to the proper way to install a set of Grant
> rings on the pistons.  The pistons are TRW Forged pistons, and have an
> embossed on the piston that  points to the front of the engine.  The
> of the ring gap placement in the shop manual (Pg. 6-47 Fig 104) shows an
> actual top view of the piston with A being the top of the piston
> B being the piston pin location, with C, D & E showing the placement of
> gaps.  Does this imply that C (Oil ring spacer gap) is actually at the
> of the piston?  Is D or E actually facing the front of the engine and rear
> the engine, and if so which is which?  Also the instructions that come
> the Grant rings shows the bevel of the top compression ring toward the top
> the piston.  Since their instructions deal with pistons that I suppose
> have up to five rings, does the bevel on the second compression ring go
> Thanks.
> Cecil Mills
> Cocoa, Fl.