<VV> Re: 4doors and 2-doors - More opinions!

Shaun shaun_mcgarvey@shaw.ca
Sat, 22 May 2004 07:12:23 -0700

> shaun_mcgarvey@shaw.ca writes:
> I disagree. All my 4drs have felt rock solid, all my coupes have felt
> slightly less so.  yea, Vairily ... Shaun
> because I wrote:
> PS all 2-door early models have a more rigid body structure than the
> So:
> Slight corrections - All 2-door early model COUPES have a stronger
> than the 4-doors. Convertibles certainly do not.  I was speaking of the
> when they were new. Since the Grandmothers and Grandfathers who bought
> probably never drove them very hard, as opposed to the beautiful handling,
> more powerful, late coupes! No wonder the late coupes are so flimsy by
now, - See
> Rick Stansbury's Corvair Motorsports racecar after the hit at Pocono. That
> would never have happened with an early 4-door, Granny drivers of 4-doors
> never have gone that fast in the first place. - Uh - TAG, you're it! -

I agree that most 4drs are "granny driven" thus theoretically intrinsically
more solid BUT that doesn't explain why my 13,000 mile granny driven '64
COUPE was noticeably less stiff than any one of my low or high-mile 4drs. I
guess it has something to do with the long rear quarter panels having many
less welds.
Consider this thread dead until someone comes up with numbers from a
torsional flexometer. Until then, I'm right! :-p

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