<VV> Corvair distributorless ignition system

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Sat, 22 May 2004 21:04:07 -0400


The best distributorless ignition system for a Corvair is an offshoot of
the Megasquirt fuel injection Do It Yourself (DYI) project.  Lots of
info on the web.  Start here:
for info on what it is.  It uses Ford electronic modules to derive high
resolution timing from a crank sensor.  A DYI ignition controller uses
manifold vacuum sensor and a look up table to trigger the wasted spark
ignition coils.  For a 6 cly engine you would have three coils, firing
two plugs at a time.

There are at least two designs for the DYI electronics, one design uses
the Megasquirt DYI hardware that was originally a fuel injection
controller.  The CPU software is changed to be ignition control
software.  The second, and in my mind better choice, uses the same idea
but the hardware was specifically designed for it.  See:

Info on the Fuel injection stuff is here:

I've got all of the above stuff in various states of construction.  None
yet running on my Corvairs.  My big interest is in the software.  I've
got all the compilers and software development systems to create custom
software.  My goal is to develop a fuel injection and distributorless
ignition system unique to a Corvair, especially a 140 and a turbo.

E-mail if you have questions.  I have a good understanding of the

John Dozsa

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> i would like to know more about corvair installations of modern ignition
> systems. any hints/pictures/diagrams etc would really be nice. not sure if im up
> to it but maybe..im just a corvair hobbyist not a serious show person or racer.
>         thanks,
>  regards tim colson