<VV> 1961 Corvair

airvair airvair@richnet.net
Mon, 24 May 2004 22:24:07 -0400

IF I named my cars (I don't) my '67 convert would be named "Annabelle"
after the Midas commercial. Remember that one? "See you again, boys!"
It's also NOT a "unit." And NO it's not for sale, at any price. It's
part of my family. And one doesn't sell one's family "units." Notice how
offensive that reference would be?

-Mark (I deal in CARS, not units)

Bill Hubbell wrote:
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> From: <UltraMonzaWest@aol.com>
> > Welcome to the group!    A 61 4dr?/  $4k?  no way!   maybe $400......Just
> ask
> > "Alice" [ the "tester" here]  Especially in the condition it's in.  98%
> is
> > HIS number.  Come to the convention this year and you'll DRIVE away in
> > something for a much better price!  IMO
> >
> > Matt Nall
> Alice?  Alice is the name of MY '64 4-Door.  She says all Early 4-Doors are
> priceless and should be restored and loved!!
> p.s.  You wouldn't even get to touch Alice for a measly $4,000.
> Bill Hubbell