<VV> Tired of tires?

John Sconiers jsconiers@mac.com
Mon, 24 May 2004 23:03:08 -0500

any body ever use even larger wheels (16" 17" 18")

On May 24, 2004, at 9:15 PM, airvair wrote:

> If you calculate it right, the 825 RPM figures out to a rolling 
> diameter
> of 24.44 inches. THAT is what you should be looking for.
> -Mark
> Bruce Schug wrote:
>> I think a 205/60 is a nice size for a street Corvair. It is, however,
>> smaller in diameter than a stock 7.00-13. The 205/60 is
>> (mathematically) 24.69" in diameter whereas the 7.00-13s were closer 
>> to
>> 25.3 or so.
>> Your '66 speedometer should be calibrated for 825 rpm, although it
>> won't be accurate at that rpm because they weren't accurate as shipped
>> by GM. But, if you want a tire that is "matched" like a stock tire,
>> look for 825 rpm. You'll really have to look over some tire specs to
>> find what you're looking for. As you look over the tire manufacturer's
>> specs, pay attention to whether or not they measure the rpm's standing
>> still or moving. You'll be more accurate to find one that's measured
>> moving, typically at 50 mph.
>> An 825 rpm 15" tire might not be easy to come by. Look at 205/65's.
>> Some might be tall enough. You might end up with a 215/60 which just
>> looks too "big" for me ("big" being defined as a combination of width
>> and diameter). But depending on their construction, that's about where
>> you'll be.
>> Now if you really want the speedometer to be accurate you might want 
>> to
>> shoot for a rpm of closer to 840. This is easier to come by. Despite
>> its smaller-than-stock diameter you might find a 205/60 that is 840
>> rpm. You might have to go to a 195/65. It just depends on the
>> construction.
>> If it were me, I'd probably get a good set of 205/60's and then if the
>> speedometer wasn't close enough I'd get a converter for it.
>> Good luck. I'd be interested in knowing what you end up with and why.
>> Bruce
>> On May 24, 2004, at 5:02 PM, Robert Marlow wrote:
>>> One of the perennial threads on VV is, "what size tire fits my car?"
>>> Today, it's my turn.
>>> I already have the wheels and my own idea of what the ideal tire size
>>> is.
>>> But I am interested in the opinions and experiences of others.
>>> The wheels are 15x7.  The car is a '66 coupe.  The goal is a
>>> speedometer/odometer that is reasonably accurate.  For general 
>>> highway
>>> use,
>>> so don't worry about specific tires that are suited for autocross or
>>> racing
>>> or the like.
>>> And, for those who may wish to point me toward Bryan Blackwell's 
>>> site,
>>> it
>>> is one of the sites I have visited already and it has influenced my
>>> thinking thus far.
>>> --Bob
>>> Robert W. Marlow
>>> nortechcorp@optonline.net
>> Bruce W, Schug
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