<VV> Re: {Spam?} [VV-talk] Email problem (no Vair)

Gary mopar@jbcs2.net
Tue, 25 May 2004 05:25:41 -0400

Someone you know, or do not know has your e-mail in their mail list. This
can easily happen even if that person did it unintentionally. For instance,
they hit "reply all" when replying to a vv-talk message. Outlook express
adds e-mail addresses to the address book!!!!!! So someone is inadvertantly
adding your name to their address book, and they are infected and do not
know about it. They may not have a virus, but ionstead be infected with a
spy-ware program which is using their computer to forward spam. A virus just
the same.
If you change your e-mail address. it most likely will happen again.
I am having another problem I cannot figure out.
My computer is disconnecting when I try searching websites like e-bay. I get
the pop up telling me a program is trying to access the internet, a program
one would trust, and no matter what I do it disconnects me. This is the
Norton security pop up.

Gary Swiatowy
May have to erase the hard drive and start over again.........

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Subject: {Spam?} [VV-talk] Email problem (no Vair)

> Hi everyone
> Sorry to waste bandwidth on a non-Vair question, but I am still having the
> problem I have been having for some time - i.e. returned spam emails that
> appear to come from me but actually didn't. They are proving to be a HUGE
> problem, as my emails are being filtered out by other people's, because I
> appearing to be a spammer.
> I know I asked before, and someone (possibly Tony - can't remember!) said
> was possible to send emails with false headers, so that looks as if it is
> what is happening - but is there anything I can do about it? I am getting
> hundreds of these a day, and they are driving me nuts! I can't even
> where they are originating, or if they are on purpose (i.e. someone who
> hijacked my email to cover their own spamming activities), or whether they
> are caused by a virus that someone else has (I have updated my Norton
> firewall and done a virus check this morning, and it is all clear).
> I am shortly going to change my email address, and this might provide an
> opportunity for a fresh start - but I am worried that the problem will
> infect the new email address after a while!!
> Is anyone else having the same problem, is it widespread, is it soluble -
> and, as I said, is there anything I can do about it? I suspect that it is
> arising from the fact that I am subscribed to three email lists/forums
> including this one, and that my email address has either been harvested by
> spammer or is being used as a fake 'from' address by someone's computer
> which is infected with a virus...
> The returned email which apparently came from me but didn't is copied
> It was HTML, which won't come out on VV, but if anyone can offer me
> help I will forward it separately.
> Cheers and thanks in advance
> Alan, at his wits' end
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