<VV> Correct Engine?

Geoff Johnson geoffj@unm.edu
Tue, 25 May 2004 10:09:29 -0600

The engine was originally turbocharged, at least the block.  The YR code 
says 62-63 Turbo engine.  The turbcharger was likely removed and replaced 
with two carburetors.  The important thing is the head numbers, they 
basiclly determine a lot about the engine.  The car was not a spyder to 
begin with, that has been added.  The 967 means it is a monza convertible. 
667 Would mean Spyder convertible, Spyder being the term for a car that 
came from the factory with the turbocharged engine.  Most likely the car 
came stock with a 80 hp engine, by the lack of a  emblem on the decklid.

Hope That Helps,
Geoff Johnson

> Can anyone tell from the above if the engine has been changed?  It has a
> Spyder dash, horn and side emblems, but no flags on the engine cover
> (hood)  and no turbocharger on the engine, just two single barrel carbs.
> TIA for the help
> Craig Eagleson
> cleagl@yahoo.com
> 1963 Monza Spyder Convertible