<VV> Ignitor II Follow Up

Mike Kost vairmike@sbcglobal.net
Tue, 25 May 2004 11:41:04 -0500

Anil Mittal wrote:

>Hi All, This is a follow up to my problem I posted yesterday with my
>car not running after installing an Ignitor II.
>I rechecked all of the electrical connections as well as the magnetic
>ring and pickup in the distributor and all looked fine. I loosened up
>the distributor a little and tried advancing the timing a bit. The
>engine seemed like it wanted to start a little more so I advanced it
>more. BINGO! It started so I drove it into the garage. It ran poorly
>when in drive so I put a timing light on it. 
>This is a 66 140 with Power Glide and A/C so the timing should be set
>to 24 degrees BTDC. According to the light it was probably at 30
>something. It's hard to tell since the scale on the rear housing only
>goes to 16. So I retarded the timing so it was closer to what I
>though was 24. The car started and ran but the idle speed in neutral
>was lower and when I put it in gear it died. So I advanced the timing
>more and more and more and kept starting it between. It kept running
>better and better. The neutral idle speed went up and it started
>idling smoothly in drive. Then I realized that the vacuum advance was
>touching the A/C belt. Hmmm, something fishy here. I cheked the plug
>wires and firing order, that was correct. I cheked my balancer to
>make sure the alignment marks were still aligned and it did not slip,
>that looked good too.
>It feels like the engine wants more advance, the problems are that
>the amount of advance dialed it is way more that the shop manual
>states and also that the vacuum advance is going to rub on the A/C
>A message from Ken Hand suggests that installing the ignitor retards
>the timing by 10 degrees. Has anyone else seen this? What do you
>ignitor owners out there have your timing set to? Anyone with an
>ignitor and A/C? Does your vacuum advance rub your A/C belt? 
>Thank you to everyone for all of your help, I think I am on the right
>track now!
Are you sure your timing light is on the correct plug wire? It could be 
that the ignitor changed the timing enough that you need to move the 
plug wires to get enough adjustment to set it right.

Mike Kost
Show-Me Corvair Club