<VV> Re: Was "Correct Engine?" now turbo-less 180 ???'s

Mike Stillwell yenko117@yahoo.com
Tue, 25 May 2004 10:24:26 -0700 (PDT)

 Question for the group, that the previous post
reminded me of. 
 I have been contacted about doing some work on a late
180 convertible that the current owners wish to use
for a cruiser type car, without putting a ton of money
into and without wanting to rebuild a turbo charger
etc (too much for their budget).
 My initial thought was to pull to Turbo (put it on
the shelf in case they one day want to make the car
correct again) and install regular carbs and exhaust.
This is provided that the long block is in good
 Does anyone know what kind of performance to expect
from this? I want to avoid an engine that's going to
be so underpowered it's useless. I'm more interested
in what someone has already witnessed/experienced than
what it theoretically might do. Theory tells me it
will be close to an 80 hp, given the mild cam and low
 The other alternative, would be to pull the whole
engine and put in a 110. 
 Thanks for your advice/comments - 


ahler, Tim" <TMahler@ILSOS.NET> wrote:
> Oooops.   The Spyder was a option to the Monza model
> in 62 and 63.  the Spyder became its own model for
> 64.  the car may well have been born a Spyder -- a
> Monza Spyder.  Check the rear air vent -- for a
> cutout for the exahaust -- level lower edge, monza; 
> factory cutout - monza spyder
> tim mahler
> PCCA editor
> << The car was not a spyder to begin with, that has
> been added. The 967 means it is a monza convertible.
> 667 Would mean Spyder convertible, Spyder being the
> term for a car that came from the factory with the
> turbocharged engine. Most likely the car came stock
> with a 80 hp engine, by the lack of a emblem on the
> decklid.
> Hope That Helps,  Geoff Johnson<<
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