wagonwheels, was: <VV> Tired of tires?

airvair airvair@richnet.net
Tue, 25 May 2004 17:45:50 -0400

Oh heavens! Unless you are autocrossing, why would anyone want wheels
larger than 15 inches? You can't get a section larger than 65, and even
they are not as common as lesser sizes. Also, as the rim size goes up,
so does the price. Then there's the log-wagon ride. My Cav has 16's with
55 section tires, and you can feel every tar strip in the road. When
they wear out, it's getting 65's at the minimum! I call them
wagonwheels, as in Conastoga. A rediculous fad if there ever was one.

Just my opinion, and I'll no doubt get flamed to charcoal over it. But
it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.


John Sconiers wrote:
> any body ever use even larger wheels (16" 17" 18")