<VV> Re Tire sizes

Corvkid50@aol.com Corvkid50@aol.com
Wed, 26 May 2004 15:10:48 EDT

Ok with all this talk about tire sizes I have a question. The tires I have on 
my 62 are 185-70R 13  The book says they are 23.23 in dia. I swithed from 
3:27 Gears to 3:55. Also I have a 65 4-speed in the car. I'm wondering how much 
my spedo is off. I have to follow the wife sometime to check it but which of 
these changes will affect my speedo? What was the dia of the original 600-13's 
that they came with. Or did they come with 650's?
Thanks in advance
Definately out of calibration
"My ex wife told me that"