<VV> 13 inch tires HUMOR

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But, Corvairs are (were) not built in that (current) era.  And, yes I know...
some were assembled at a plant in our near neighbor to the North.

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  In an era with Toyotas made in Kentucky, Chevrolets made in Korea and
Volkswagens made in Mexico, kinda hard to be an automotive xenophobe anymore .
I mean, Iive within an hour of the Nissan plant (Japanese nameplate, French
ownership, made in Tennessee) and the Saturn plant.  That said, I think the
tires on my Corvair were made in Ohio, or at least the company's based there.

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  J R Read_HML <hmlinc@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
    I think it is more a case of not wanting to run around with Japanese made
    tires on a completely US made car. It just doesn't "feel' right.

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