wagonwheels, was: <VV> Tired of tires?

Dewey Thomas decothom@cox.net
Wed, 26 May 2004 15:03:42 -0500

JR;alan ;Ron ; list : Yes ,4'' whites, to those that could afford them;; no
45 -series they weren't "invented"yet; and my '30 Model A had 18" (or19")
wheels--to go back further the wheels were progressively larger--Model
T's-21" ----. It's all a game played to make "us" think "we" have to have
the "latest" stuff--So what else is New !? Bigger wheels- narrow
sidewalls--like the 1910's -1920's-hard "tires"- rough ride!! Yes,I like
more sidewall--"balloon" tires ????Like the subject states --(wagonwheels).
For the Corvair,I think the FC wheels are a great compromise, to have 14".
Wish I had some .   (VBG)    Dewey