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Sat, 29 May 2004 20:20:01 -0400

Mark Asks
> > how do you cut a coil? Do you simply cut a coil from the spring 
> and reinstall it, or do you have otherwise alter the spring before you 
> put it back in?
       ------------big smit----------------
Smitty says:  It has been expressed to me many times that if you are
going to cut a coil that you take exactly one round off so that the ends
will rest in the recesses designed for them.  Otherwise you stand a
chance of cocking the coil and creating a rub somewhere which can be
quite noisy.  I see Rick disagrees with me but I would disagree with him
just to be disagreeable.  All that I have cut have been with a cutting
torch.  If done with any skill at all the torch will not also cut the
sheet metal control arm pocket.  Raise the car so the control arm hangs
down.  Pull the wheel off.  Pick your spot and blow the coil in two.  The
end of the spring will drop with a bang.  Use the torch again and cut the
cut off link in half so you can pry it out.  You can do it that way in 5
minutes or spend a couple of hours doing it another way.