<VV> Carter YH to Weber conversion

G Fox gfox@vanion.com
Sun, 30 May 2004 14:47:58 -0600


I too have had excellent and fruitful experience with Steve 
Goodman's YH work!

A properly working YH is an excellent carb!

I have seen a number of conversions to other carbs and none 
worked as well as the YH that steve did for me.

The only thing I would consider to replace the YH is a 
modern throttle body type fuel injection system!


>If you want to give the YH one more try, talk to Steve 
Goodman at Rear 
>Engine Specialists.  He can be reached at
>"Steve Goodman" <rearengine.steve@worldnet.att.net>  He's 
probably one of 
>the most if not the most knowledgeable YH mechanics.
>At 02:19 AM 5/30/2004, Guus de Haan wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>Since my Carter YH seems to be a carb that can not be 
fixed, even by the 
>>experts, I'm looking for a conversion. Clark's has a Weber 
DCOE 40&45 
>>conversion in their catalog. The advantage of such an 
Weber is that is 
>>could be serviced and tuned much easier overhere. But I 
have some questions:
>>Does anybody have any experience with this setup?
>>What do you run, the 40 or the 45?
>>Where did you get it?
>>Anybody got a good set for sale at a decent price?
>>Guus de Haan
>>'65 Corsa "leaky" Turbocharged
G Fox
Colorado Springs, CO, USA