<VV> A/C Condensers & Fans

N. Joseph Potts pottsf@msn.com
Mon, 31 May 2004 11:53:40 -0400

I never thought of that: with the puller fans running, one can dispense with
the compressor cutout that is activated by the engine-compartment lid being
     Are your fans in any way thermostatically controlled (I know they sell
fans that incorporate that feature)? I'm sure you've told us before, but
would you mind telling me the diameter (and other characteristics) of the
fans? You've already said they're pullers (that's a spec), so I know
generally what I'm looking for. I assume the source is FLAPS (I've seen such
being sold there). And/or J. C. Whitney.

Joe Potts
Miami, Florida USA
1966 Corsa coupe 140hp 4-speed with A/C

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> Snip...I have read that the '66-7 style condenser is not as efficient as
> the
> earlier style and therefore does not work as well if you convert to
> R-134a...Snip
> Snip...rusty Rose is now selling NEW 66-7 style condensers that
> have been re-engineered to work well with 134a...Snip
With two electric puller fans mounted to the face of the condenser, the
converted 134 system works great: head pressures run similar to R-12, and
can clear
the trunk-mounted receiver sight glass without difficulty.  However, if
is selling parallel flow condensers, then yes, if my stock condenser needed
replacement, I'd opt for the parallel flow design (in lieu of another stock,
series flow style condenser).  Otherwise, the helper fans are a good
even work on engine @ idle, with A/C running, and engine deck lid open.
I live in toasty Florida, and this is the second season with this system.
wife drives the car; she is happy with the cooling, and that, itself, is a
major domestic victory.

Mike Mauro
67 Coupe, Factory Air (among other Vairs, also have an A/Ced Greenbrier
Deluxe, dual parallel flow condensers & helper fan...also a 134a system)