<VV> 64 Convertible for sale in Tuscaloosa AL (advertized as a 63)

Mon, 31 May 2004 18:41:51 EDT


I believe it was on this site that I saw a 63 Corvair Spyder convertible 
advertised for sale in Tuscaloosa, AL.  It just so happened that I was going to 
Tuscaloosa that week (middle of April) and went to see it.  I had no interest in 
buying it, but being curious I decided to go look at it.  It is in fact a 64. 
 The owner told me that the fellow he bought it from told him it was a 63.  
It has a Spyder dash, and the Spyder emblems on the fenders, but it has a 140 
h.p. engine (or at least the 140 heads) with an IECO manifold with a small 
Holley carburetor.  Now, is it a Spyder with a different engine or a Monza with 
the dash (instruments work) and emblems added?  The car has a 4 speed 
transmission.  The owner told me that he paid $6,000 for it and that was what he wanted. 
 I didn't tell him that he had paid too much for it, or that he would no 
doubt sell it for much less, unless he finds an uninformed buyer.  Well, this past 
Saturday I was driving back from an Army reunion on I-20 and went by to see 
if it was still there.  It was.  

The car is blue with a blue interior.  The body is in very good shape and 
appears to have a repaint job which probably needs to be redone.  I didn't see 
any rust anywhere and I believe it hasn't been wrecked.  I looked down the sides 
both in daylight and after dark with artificial light and it appeared to be 
straight.  The interior has been redone with the seat inserts changed out to a 
nylon looking fabric.  This fabric has also been used to cover the door 
panels.  It has a new top on it, but doesn't have a boot to cover it when down.  The 
fellow who owns the car is Rick Snyder and the car is at his place of 
business which is called "Souths Finest Meats & Vegetables."  His number at work is 
(205) 333-7595.  I took pictures of the car and if anyone wants to see them let 
me know and I will e-mail them to you.

Randy Vidrine
62 Monza Coupe
Branch, LA